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Ethnic conflicts

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Fields of Fire – An Atlas of Ethnic Conflict

Fields of Fire – An Atlas of Ethnic Conflict provides a concise, authoritative commentary on each of the nearly one hundred ethnic conflicts around the world, with a summary of key dates, events and demographic data, together with specially drawn maps providing a geographical context

The Atlas focuses on violent ethnic disputes that have been active since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Many of these have an earlier origin, and some have been resolved since 1989 – at least for the present. A small number of conflicts in which ethnicity does not play a significant role, but which have relevance either to individual population groups or to neighbouring disputes, are included for completeness.

The latest version of the Atlas is the 2010 full colour version. Owners of earlier versions of the Atlas can download updated pages from the downloads section. The older 2008 Standard Edition (with black and white line maps) remains available at a lower cost. The version control page gives details of the most recently published updates.

About the author
Stuart Notholt is a writer and business analyst with more than twenty years’ international experience advising corporations and government agencies on the management of their communications and business risks. A graduate of Oxford University, he is a Fellow and Past President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Royal African Society. He is principal Director of Stuart Notholt Communications Ltd.

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