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EU Responses to International Conflicts and Crises In 2012

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The European Commission adopted a report on the activities undertaken in 2012 under the Instrument for Stability (IfS), one of the key European Union instruments for external assistance. This (sixth) annual report[1] demonstrates the wide range of contributions that the mobilisation of EUR 286 million of IfS funds in 2012 has made to the EU’s work in helping prevent conflicts and responding to crises and security and other threats worldwide.

With new and ongoing actions in over 50 countries, the EU has been using the IfS to respond rapidly to many unfolding events around the world. In response to the Syrian crisis, a substantial regional support programme was put in place to help the affected population groups in Syria and the surrounding countries.

n Asia, assistance was given to set up a Peace Centre in Burma/Myanmar which serves as a focal point for the country’s evolving peace process. In North Africa, IfS support is helping Libya, Niger, Mali and other countries to deal with some of the many security and other challenges that the Sahara and Sahel regions are confronted with…MORE

July 29, 2013

IfS Sixth Annual Report

Annual report from the European Commission on the Instrument for Stability in 2012

Commission Staff Working Document – Volume 1

Commission Staff Working Document – Volume 2

Commission Staff Working Document – Volume 3

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