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Europe, from crisis to hope

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The European Union was inspired by a shared dream of a united Europe. But recent crises, both economic and political, have divided Europe and driven a wedge between its people and political institutions. Those at the margins of societies are increasingly scapegoated. People are suffering, and they want someone to blame.

GEORGE SOROS (Open Society Feb 7, 2014)

The European Union is in my view the shining example of an open and free society. That is why the current crisis is so personal to me. I am very concerned about Europe’s future and the potential dissolution of its open society.

In the run up to World War I or in the Weimar Republic, people did not think all those terrible things that followed could happen. But I have a particular sensitivity to these matters, because I lived under both Nazi and Soviet occupation. And I would hate to see a repeat of dark times in Europe.
I believe in finding European solutions for the problems of Europe; national solutions make matters worse. So I am hoping for some kind of pro-European political alliance emerging.I believe in the European Union and the principles of open society that originally inspired it, and I should like to recapture that spirit.



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