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Eyes of Nuba

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Filmmakers: John Dickie and Will Sherman

For Ahmed Khatir, when the war broke out in June 2011, he watched, powerless, as Sudanese soldiers burned his family’s home.

But instead of taking up arms to join the rebels he decided to join a group of citizen journalists who are determined to make the world take notice as another African conflict unfolds.

This small band of self-taught journalists is based in the Nuba Mountains, on the border between Sudan and newly formed South Sudan. It is a place consumed by a conflict reminiscent of earlier regional wars.

Hoping his pictures will inspire action, Ahmed is now one of five Nuban reporters who roam the region recording the testimonies of those caught in the crossfire. They hope their work will bring the world’s attention to this tragedy.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir and his government are waging a scorched earth campaign on their own people, terrorising all of Nuba because of the presence of the rebel Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) there.





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