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First US global threats hearing in over 2 years set for April 14-15

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The House and Senate will hold public hearings next week on the globe’s greatest threats to U.S. national security — after a more than two-year hiatus caused by tensions between the spy community and former President Donald Trump.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s Worldwide Threats hearing on April 14 will mark the first time since January 2019 that the country’s intelligence agency chiefs appear for the session — one of a handful of opportunities for Americans to hear directly from them on issues such as the dangers posed by countries like Russia, China and North Korea.

The House Intelligence Committee announced it would hold its session, the first since 2016, on April 15.

“It is imperative that the Intelligence Community’s leadership come before the Committee and the American people periodically, and provide their candid assessments about the threats that face our nation,” House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said in a statement.

The hearing is «timely because those threats are rapidly evolving, with a rising great power competition with China, an increased threat from domestic violent extremism, nuclear dangers arising from nations like Iran and North Korea, and destabilizing impacts of cross-border threats like climate change and pandemic disease,» he added.

What’s on the agenda: Next week’s sessions will feature the heads of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, CIA, NSA, FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency.

The hearings are likely to 

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