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Five Foreign-Policy Movies Worth Watching About Human Rights (CFR)

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In the Name of the Father/IMDB; Beasts of No Nation/Bleecker Street Media; The Pianist/IMDB.

Blog Post by James M. Lindsay and Margaret Gach
July 30, 2021 5:03 pm (EST)

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another installment of foreign-policy-themed movies worth watching. This week we’re looking at films about the fight for human rights. 

We follow three rules in our selections. First, we stick to English-language movies. So you won’t see great films like First They Killed My Fatheror Life Is Beautiful below. Second, we only include films on these summer lists once. 

We’ve already recommended GandhiHotel RwandaMandela: Long Walk to FreedomSalvadorSchindler’s ListThe Killing Fields, and many classic POW movies. Third, each recommendation has to be available to rent or stream online. 




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