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Forecasting 2022 (Guardian, El Independiente, FT, ICG, Foreign Policy, CFR, The Economist…)

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Storm on planet Earth

The world in 2022: another year of living dangerously (Simon Tisdall, The Guardian, Dec 29, 2021)

The world in 2022 (FT writers share their predictions for the new year, Dec. 31, 2021)  PDF

De la Covid-19 endémica a la nueva carrera espacial. Anticipando 2022 – @alonsay  @elindepcom

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2022

Las guerras de 2022 (via esglobal)

10 conflicts to watch in 2022 (By Comfort Ero, Richard Atwood)

Elections to Watch in 2022 (Foreign Policy)

5 Big Foreign-Policy Things We’re Watching in 2022

2022 Is the Year for a Space Summit

Will 2022 Reboot Latin American Regionalism?

The Stories That Could Define China in 2022

What’s in Store for Africa in 2022

Biden’s 2022 Foreign-Policy To-Do List

QUIZ What in the World?


The World Next Year: What to Watch in 2022

Ten Elections to Watch in 2022

Five Foreign Policy Stories to Watch in 2022

Ten Anniversaries to Note in 2022


Previsiones del CIDOB, Project Syndicate, World Politics Review y esglobal 

Issues that will dominate the international agenda for the year ahead (Chatham House)

The World ahead 2022 (The Economist)


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