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Foreign policy begins at home: teaching module

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These Teaching Notes, by CFR President Richard N. Haass, feature discussion questions, essay questions, activities, and additional materials for educators to supplement the use of Dr. Haass’s book Foreign Policy Begins at Home in the classroom. In this book, Dr. Haass argues that the biggest threat to the security and prosperity of the United States comes not from abroad but from within. He puts forward a new foreign policy doctrine of Restoration, in which the United States limits its engagement in wars of choice and humanitarian interventions abroad and focuses on restoring the foundations of its power at home.

Foreign Policy Begins at Home


The biggest threat to the United States comes not from abroad but from within. This is the unexpected message of Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass in Foreign Policy Begins at Home: The Case for Putting America’s House in Order.

«Many of the foundations of this country’s power are eroding,» he warns. «The effect, however, is not limited to a deteriorating transportation system or jobs that go unfilled or overseas owing to a lack of qualified American workers. To the contrary, shortcomings here at home directly threaten America’s ability to project power and exert influence overseas, to compete in the global marketplace, to generate the resources needed to promote the full range of US interests abroad, and to set a compelling example that will influence the thinking and behavior of others.»… MORE

Teaching Notes: Foreign Policy Begins at Home

What is a CFR Academic Module

Academic Modules—featuring teaching notes by the authors of CFR publications—are designed to assist educators in creating or supplementing a course syllabus. The modules are customized packages built around a primary CFR text, such as a book or report, and include teaching notes; additional readings; video, audio, and transcripts of CFR meetings; Foreign Affairs articles; and other online resources. Use of these modules is free of charge. They may be used in part or in their entirety.

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