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FPI2016 FORUM: an era of consequences

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On Wednesday, November 30, the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) held its eighth annual forum, «An Era of Consequences,» in Washington, D.C.  The event, headlined by leading policymakers, lawmakers, and other key analysts, made the case for robust American engagement in response to a range of foreign policy crises.  Wrap-up materials for the individual panels follow below.

The Military’s Readiness Crisis
Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-TX)
Chairman, House Armed Services Committee
Moderator: Senator Jim Talent (AEI)

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Transcript  |  Pictures

Congress, Foreign Policy, and the Trump Administration
Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)
Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Moderator: Ambassador Kristen Silverberg

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Transcript  |  Pictures

Opportunities and Challenges for Defense Innovation
Ben FitzGerald (CNAS)
Rebeccah Heinrichs (Hudson Institute)
Rob Weiss (Lockheed Martin)
Moderator: Dr. Thomas Mahnken (CSBA)

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Pictures

American Exceptionalism and the Retreat of the West
Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE)
Moderator: Ambassador Eric Edelman (FPI and CSBA)

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Transcript  |  Pictures

Crises and Challenges in the Middle East
General Joseph L. Votel (U.S. Army)
Commander of U.S. Central Command
Moderator: Dr. Michael O’Hanlon (Brookings)

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Transcript  |  Pictures

History and the First Hundred Days
Max Boot (Council on Foreign Relations)
Dr. Mark R. Jacobson (Salve Regina University Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy)
Dr. Peter Mansoor, Colonel, US Army (Ret.) (Ohio State University)
Moderator: Dr. Gary J. Schmitt (AEI)

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Pictures

Strategy, Policy and History
Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster (U.S. Army)
Director, Army Capabilities Integration Center
Moderator: Dr. Mark Moyar (FPI)

Video  |  Key Quotations  |  Transcript Pictures

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