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From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza: Journalism under apartheid (Listening Post)

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Blockade, bombardment and Israeli occupation have not stopped Palestinians from documenting and telling their stories. Now, the world is beginning to listen.

Just days after the ceasefire in Gaza ended 11 days of bombing, The Listening Post spoke with two Palestinians who have tilted international attention towards their struggle

How to cover apartheid: A human rights perspective with Hagai El-Ad. Human rights groups are reframing the discussion about Israel’s domination of Palestinians. Richard Gizbert interviews Hagai El-Ad, executive director of Israeli human rights organisation, B’Tselem.



Israel-Palestine: The double standard in American newsrooms

Incite and inflame: Israel’s manipulation of the media

#Palestine: Videos of violence, images of death on social media

Israel-Palestine: The politics at play | Start Here

Is US opinion shifting on the Israel-Palestine conflict?


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