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Funding your graduate educ in int. affairs (Foreign Policy)

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THE CURRENT economic downturn may be a wise time to consider graduate school, to position yourself for your ideal job when the market strengthens and geopolitical priorities and leadership remain critical on many fronts.

In the Summer 2020 FP Guide: Funding Your Graduate Education, we explore the “mosaic” of financial aid options available for several master’s degree programs in international affairs—and the return on investment for graduates.

You will read some inspiring profiles about current students and recent graduates who successfully financed their education, including one who landed a pre-graduation job at Google and another who is starting a career as a US Foreign Service officer.

The schools described here offer financial assistance to make their degrees affordable. Some examples:

  • One hundred percent of tuition and required fees support, plus a need-based living stipend
  • Graduate research assistant positions that include tuition support and a stipend
  • Financial assistance for unpaid internships
  • Scholarships funded by school partners
  • Grants to support international research fieldwork and language immersion, to prepare graduates for global careers



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