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Futures (EUISS series)

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What if … Conceivable crises: unpredictable in 2017, unmanageable in 2020?

19 June 2017
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In a world increasingly shaped by unexpected events and developments – ranging from ‘strategic surprises’ like 9/11 or the Arab Spring to the unintended consequences of often well-meant decisions – trying to imagine contingencies that challenge current assumptions may well prove a useful exercise.

This Report presents a number of grey swan scenarios which are designed to help decision-makers think about possible responses to crises and how they can be prevented. They cover a wide variety of geographical and operational situations while never explicitly calling into question specific EU actions or policies – only general EU principles and interests.


Russian futures: horizon 2025

Arab futures: three scenarios for 2025

African futures: Horizon 2025

Chinese futures: horizon 2025

Balkan Futures

The future of EU foreign, security and defence policy post Brexit



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