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Gibraltar 2013 (D. Searle…)

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Dominated by the unpalatable face of Garcia Margallo, 2013 has been a truly mixed year for the Rock. Whilst the apes (ok monkeys) continued to exercise their apparent right to the freedom of the city, many of us locally rediscovered the pleasure of local eating – no driving, no queuing and nice fried helpings of the most controversial and protected species in the Bay of Gibraltar – fish.

There is definitely some pain in the local economy as a result of Spain’s squeeze – our story reveals that visitors have dropped by a massive 40%. One only has to see the much eased access to the Upper Rock to know that tourism has been hit, even if there must be some rebalancing as a result of the stay home approach to the disgusting border queues.  Does it really take men trained to deal with ETA terrorists to finger through ladies’ purses at the border?

We Tweeted our way through 2013 increasingly challenging ourselves at every level of life to decide what we need to know. Good in small doses perhaps, but let’s keep our eye on the ball.

So despite 2013 being the damp squib culmination and tercentenary of the damned but critical Treaty of Utrecht, Gibraltar has in many ways come out the stronger… MORE

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