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Global civics

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This Documentary is the answer of nine voluntary national teams to an invitation by director Jian Yi to explain their respective national experiences in response to social, economic, political and technological change in each country.

On Feb 11, 2013, Alexander Martin, a PhD candidate at the School of Government and International Affairs at the University of Durham researching on Civil Society Theory in relation to Tunisia, explained the project Global Policy. (Link to his article)‘Global Civics’ [Documentary] 2011-2012. Jian Yi [Director], Jian Yi & Hakan Altinay [Producers]. Free, available above and here

At the end of his critical review of the Documentary, Martin summarize its content in six lines:

While it has become a truism to argue that the consequences of economic, agricultural, and environmental actions on other parts of the globe highlight the reality of global interdependence and convey the need for “new sets of rules”. Yi’s documentary stylishly addresses issues of global ethics and justice, community and world citizenship, through insights into the role of individuals creating the beginnings of what could become a post-state world. Moreover, despite the utopian feel, the responses of the diverse range of participants is a fascinating exploratory step into the moral obligations we may, or may not, owe, to our global neighbours.

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