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Global flamenco

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«The thousands of foreigners who train in southern Spain’s flamenco schools are exporting its culture and passion to different countries», wrote Almudena Toral on March 16,2013 in the New York Times.

In a related article, the paper’s correspondent in Madrid, Rahpael Minder,  gave more details:

The number of foreigners who participated in some kind of flamenco activity while in the southern region of Andalusia, whose capital is Seville, climbed to 1 million in 2011, from 700,000 a year earlier. They generated 750 million euros, about $980 million, for the region’s economy in 2011, up from 550 million euros, according to the latest data collected by Mr. Ruiz Navarro, who estimated that Andalusia accounted for four-fifths of Spain’s overall flamenco activity. Despite the recent growth, he suggested Spain could tap further into this “flamenco tourism,” notably by spreading better the idea that flamenco is modern and evolving… more

Video about the global growing interest in flamenco


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