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Global Health Index 2021

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Just months after the release of the inaugural Global Health Security (GHS) Index in 2019, the first cases of COVID-19 were reported. Although important strides have been made to bring the pandemic under control, the virus continues to ravage populations and economies around the world. We are indebted to so many who still are in the throes of responding to this prolonged public health crisis, including healthcare workers, public health teams, non-healthcare essential workers, and political leaders across every level of government.

We are  l for the experienced, knowledgeable, and committed team that helped bring this 2021 edition of the GHS Index to life at a time when COVID-19 was placing extraordinary demands on the public health community. Team
members were spread across multiple time zones, and each faced his or her own unique challenges generated by the pandemic. The publication of the 2021 GHS Index is a testament to their commitment to the project’s mission to encourage investments in preparedness measures that will prevent a pandemic like COVID-19, or worse, from happening again.



What the pandemic disaster teaches for next time. Masks, sure, but also trust.

Understanding coronavirus


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