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Global Lessons for a More Resilient Future (F. Policy)

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Join Foreign Policy magazine and the Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University as we explore the surprising links between the coronavirus, climate change, and inclusive governance.

The pandemic—and the speed at which it has circled the globe—serves to remind us just how interconnected the world has become. In that sense, it is also an omen for how climate change can impact the planet, and the exponential nature of the threats faced by humanity.

How can countries create more resilient and equitable systems—not just for this crisis, but for crises still to come? What lessons can we learn? And what tangible measures can we take?

Foreign Policy, in partnership with the Global Futures Laboratory at ASU, is convening a panel of leading global thinkers to answer those and other questions. Tune in to learn about the transformative impact of inclusive governance, ways to help democratize our institutions, and build capacity for sustainable development.

For additional information and our complete speaker lineup, visit our website at:

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