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Global trends 2040

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US spies peer into the future – and it doesn’t look good
Their predictions include growing uncertainty and instability, and more polarisation and populism

By Gordon Corera
BBC Security correspondent

The US Intelligence Community has issued a survey of where the world may end up in 2040.

It warns of a political volatility and growing international competition or even conflict.

The report entitled A More Contested World is an attempt to look at key trends and outlines a series of possible scenarios.

It is the seventh such report with one coming every four years since 1997 from the National Intelligence Council.

The Global Trends 2040 report does not make comfortable reading if you are a political leader or international diplomat – or hope to be one in the coming years.

The latest attempt by the US National Intelligence Council to understand what may happen within and between countries points to uncertainty and instability. It firstly focuses on the key factors driving change.

One is political volatility.

«In many countries, people are pessimistic about the future and growing more distrustful of leaders and institutions that they see as unable or unwilling to deal with disruptive economic, technological, and demographic trends,» the report warns.


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