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Gral Petraeus: «Putin is desperate and in an irreversible situation»(DW)

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Putin is desperate and in an irreversible situation (General Petraeus, DW)

Four Star General Petraeus told DW that Ukraine should become a NATO member after the war with Russia is over. «The success of some kind of Marshall Plan for Ukraine needs a security guarantee, otherwise it will not succeed.» He doesn’t see any changes after the midterms regarding support from the US: «The midterms will not change this. There will be enough support no matter who controls which house.»

He said, «Putin is in a very desperate situation which is irreversible for him if the US and other NATO members continue to provide the support.»

Asked about the possible use of nuclear weapons he said: «The use of tactical weapons would actually not reverse Russia’s fortunes on the battlefield. It would be very destructive, very lethal in a specific area on that battlefield, but it would not reverse this reality that confronts Russia. And that is the new development.»

Asked about when the war might be over, he said that one of the factors he is watching most closely has to do with «Russian morale and does individual soldiers, do small units, do large units surrender or meld away, collapse? This is going to be a tougher winter for Russian soldiers than it will be for the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are on their own soil with a very supportive citizenry around them. Doing whatever they can to support. The Russians are in areas where the citizens hate them. They’re occupiers.»


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