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Hispanics and US Foreign Policy

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Oscar Chacón, Executive Director, National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities; Dr. Alberto Coll, Professor of Law, Director of European and Latin American Legal Studies Program, DePaul University ; David A. Duckenfield, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Outreach, Bureau of Public Affairs, State Department; Juan Ochoa, CEO, Miramar Group; Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy. Moderated by Michele Wucker. – See more at:
Chicago is nearly 30 percent Hispanic, a statistic set to be mirrored nationally by 2050. As the Latino population grows in size and political strength, its political leadership and outlook will have a greater influence over public policy debates and decision making. Analysis of The Chicago Council’s 2014 public opinion survey results reveals that Hispanic Americans share a very similar worldview with the mainstream US public—with a few key differences.  Join The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and a panel of local experts to discuss what the polling results mean for the future of US foreign policy and for global cities like Chicago.

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