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History of typography

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A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography. 291 Paper Letters. 2,454 Photographs. (Publicado el 28/04/2013)

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  • Not sure why the negative comments are getting the most likes here…especially that nonsense about handwriting (17 people don’t know the difference between type and writing – bloody hell *sigh*). Great video, very informative, artistically made, obviously a dedicated production; I know what goes into stop motion and video production, this was no walk in the park to produce.

  • The Chinese invented movable-print presses long before Gutenberg (though Gutenberg did invent it independently, there’s no evidence that he knew about the Chinese invention). It didn’t catch on there because of the massive amount of characters in Chinese, it was far more efficient to carve wood block prints for each page of a book. However, they did come upon it first.

    Dunno if I would really classify it as typography though, since it didn’t catch on.


  • Normally I’m not one for completely feeling out over type. Now, I am. Great job. Good coverage of type styles. Complete? No. But an excellent overview. Personally, I love the jab at Comic Sans. As a designer and a spouse of an educator, I can’t tell you how much I have seen that damn font used and misused. I need to go ahead and finish the article I was writing about Comic Sans and get it out there for type nerds like myself to discuss in depth.

  • Love the «all caps» shouting…go ahead— love it, it’s not like anyone really cares…BUT, I’m a well paid art director that hires/fires graphic designers daily, in a shop that you might want to work in. If you came in with any comic sans in your portfolio I guarantee you’d leave feeling differently…good luck with that church newsletter you’re working on…

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