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How far have African Americans come since the 1960s?

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14 June 2020

In the weeks following the death of George Floyd, much has been said about the long struggle by African Americans for equality in the US.

It is 57 years this August since civil rights leader Martin Luther King led the March on Washington to demand racial justice.

So how much progress have black people in the US made since the 1960s? We’ve looked at six measures.

1. Family wealth

In 2016, the latest data available, the average wealth of a white family was almost seven times more than a black family in the US.

The black-white wealth gap was larger in 2016 than it was in 1983, when black family wealth data was first collected.

In the 1960s, the data collected had non-whites all grouped together, rather than in separate groups.

The disparity was at a similar level then as in the most recent data, with white families having about seven times more wealth on average than non-white families.

Researchers at the Brookings Institute say: «The wealth gap reflects a society that has not and does not afford equality of opportunity to all its citizens.»

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 African Americans in the US (BBC World)


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