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How ISIS grew and spread (NYT)

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Children, Caged for Effect, to Mimic Imagery of ISIS

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The killings have been both deliberately lurid and strangely intimate. Designed for broadcast, they have helped the Islamic State militant group build a brand of violence that shocks with its extreme brutality, yet feels as close to viewers as the family images on their smartphones.

Broadcast specifically to frighten and manipulate, the Islamic State’s flamboyant violence consumes the world’s attention while more familiar threats, like the Syrian government’s barrel bombs, kill far more but rarely provoke global outrage.

A few human rights advocates and antigovernment activists in Syria are creating shocking if nonviolent images and videos — even herding children in orange jumpsuits into a cage — to call attention to the wider scope of…



Jihadism in 2014: Jihadist Franchises (Stratfor)

A Threat to Europe: The Islamic State’s Dangerous Gains in Libya via

¿Quién es «Jihadi John»?

When Jihadis Come Marching Home By Brian Michael Jenkins. RAND CORP.

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