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How the pandemic will reshape our world

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After months of lockdowns, some countries are beginning to shift out of confinement. But the world we knew is already a thing of the past. What will the ripple effects of COVID-19 be for global trade, politics, and economics?

On July 14th, 2020, join RANA FOROOHAR (FT Global Business Columnist & Associate Editor, CNN Economic Analyst, and author of «Makers and Takers» and «Don’t Be Evil») and ED LUCE (FT Columnist & US National Editor), as they share their latest predictions and insights on what a post-pandemic world could look like. In this intimate fireside chat, Rana and Ed will discuss everything from the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street, post-COVID globalization trends, and surveillance capitalism, to what the road to the upcoming US presidential election – and its final result – could mean for us all.

You can watch the webinar replay HERE:


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