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How the Ukraine crisis play out?

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How will the crisis play out? We asked @margbrennan, @JeffreyGoldberg@peterbakernyt and @RichLowry: 

How will the Ukraine crisis play out?

Rich Lowry, Peter Baker, Jeffrey Goldberg, and CBS News’ Margaret Brennan discuss the potential fallout from Russia’s incursion into Ukraine

The Crisis in Ukraine: Possible Next Steps for the U.S., Ukraine, Russia and the International Community

Since protests first started in November, the crisis in Ukraine has riveted and confused the world. Now Russia and Ukraine stand on the brink of a war that could threaten the stability of the entire region and Russia’s relations with the United States and Europe. On March 7, Foreign Policy at Brookings hosted a discussion focusing on where the crisis might go next and how the U.S. and Europe might respond.
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