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How to become a successful freelance journalist

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Freelancing for journalists

The authors of ‘Freelancing for Journalists’ lift the lid on the secrets of successful self-employment in this online course. Learn about where to find work and how to pitch your ideas along with getting paid, developing contacts and building your brand.

Tutor(s): Lily Canter, Emma Wilkinson
Starts: 09:00 2 November 2020
Location: Online
Price: £150 (plus VAT)

Working as a freelance journalist isn’t just about generating great story ideas and writing the perfect pitch. Successful freelances also have to be able to negotiate rates, build up contacts and know how to brand themselves.

Throughout this four-week course, that you can complete in your own time, experienced freelance journalists Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson will teach you how to become a successful freelance writer during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Through their Freelancing for Journalists book and podcast Lily and Emma have been lifting the lid on freelance life and they are now offering the opportunity to work alongside them to develop a freelance portfolio. During the course they will provide regular feedback on developing ideas, crafting pitches and using your brand to promote your work.


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