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Humanity vs Extinction — And the Clock is Ticking (umair haque, July 13, 2022)

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How will the 2020s be remembered? We’re living through a time that I think history will recall as the Great Deafness. What do I mean by that? Take a hard look around the world.

Beginning with the picture above. That’s the World Heat Map. And it shows a planet on fire. Heatwaves of immense proportions stretch from America to China and across Europe. What do you call it when a heatwave engulfs most of a planet? A mega-heatwave, maybe, just like now we have megastorms and megafires.

“Climate change” — a term invented by a far right wing lobbyist who helped start the war in Iraq, to make the death of a planet seem innocuous — used to be something abstract. It was going to arrive in the future. So what? Let’s party! But now? Every day of every summer, you can literally feel the planet getting hotter. Feel it on your skin. In your sweat. You can see it in the strange, surreal, flaming sunsets.

You are living through the Age of Extinction now. “Climate change” is finally here, to a level we can all viscerally experience just by stepping outside. It’s going to be 35 degrees Celsius in London. 40 in Spain. 38 in Paris. It’s 50 in the Indian Subcontinent. The killing heat is here. Our civilization is being boiled alive.

So. The Great Deafness. What does it mean? It’s pretty simple.

How many wake up calls is it going to take?

We’re beginning to live at the end of a civilization. It feels “a lot like that” because that’s what it is. This isn’t a joke or a drill. Not anymore. It’s on your doorstep. Our doorsteps.

The killing heat. What do I mean by that? Being boiled alive. Exaggeration? Let’s think about the consequences.



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