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Instability and opportunity in North Africa

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Join USIP for a conversation with the Tunisian Minister of Defense Abdelkrim Zbidi, where we will discuss the dynamics of North Africa and how the U.S. and Tunisia are working together to promote regional security. The event will look at the risks of continued upheaval, as well as how the current uncertainty opens the door for democratic reform that was not possible in pre-2011 North Africa.
Across North Africa, instability is at its highest level since 2011. In Algeria, President Bouteflika’s resignation was a necessary step to democratization, but it remains to be seen if the political structure can survive protesters’ demands for reform and ensure a peaceful transition of power. In Libya, the hope for a compromise to end the stalemate between the internationally recognized government in Tripoli and armed opposition forces seems to be lost.
In Egypt, President el-Sisi’s supporters have proposed constitutional changes that will concentrate executive power, alarming human rights and democracy advocates around the world. And amid all this turmoil, Tunisia is trying to consolidate its own democracy and reform its security institutions following decades of autocratic rule.


Abdelkrim Zbidi
Minister of Defense, Republic of Tunisia

Thomas Hill
Senior Program Officer, North Africa, U.S. Institute of Peace

Michael Yaffe
Vice President, Middle East and Africa, U.S. Institute of Peace

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