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ISIS, Iraq and U.S. Options

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Yaser Al-Khodor/Courtesy Reuters (Published by the Council on Foreign Relations)
The Brookings Institution

The crisis in Iraq is rapidly unfolding, and Brookings’s Center for Middle East Policy Senior Fellow Ken Pollack just released a vital primer on the ISIS offensive against the Kurds and the role of American air power. Read it here:

Pollack addresses some key issues to help you understand the complicated situation in Iraq:

  • How effective is ISIS?
  • Who is leading the ISIS attacks?
  • How can we save the Yazidis?
  • How effective can U.S. air power be?

While U.S. air power can achieve specific strategic goals, he cautions that if the Kurds are overstretched, ISIS may be able to find weak spots to exploit and gain the upper hand again. He also asks whether the U.S. will employ additional air power to defeat any new assault and provide Yazidis safety.

“Personally, I hope so, but I don’t think we have heard President Obama articulate whether he would do so,” says Pollack.

Read Ken Pollack’s full primer on ISIS and Iraq here.



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