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Israel-Gaza war propelled journalist killings to near-record high (CPJ)

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Mourners attend the November 3 funeral of Palestinian journalist Mohammed Abu Hatab, who was killed in a November 2 Israeli strike in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. (Photo: Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

Israel-Gaza war propelled journalist killings to near-record high

99 journalists and media workers killed worldwide in 2023

New York, February 15, 2024—More than three quarters of the 99 journalists and media workers who perished worldwide in 2023 were killed in the Israel-Gaza war, according to a report published today by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

CPJ’s report documents the highest number of deaths recorded by the organization since 2015—a stark indicator of the unprecedented number of journalists and media workers killed in the Israel-Gaza war. The vast majority (72) were Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza. In contrast, outside of that conflict, a total of 22 journalists and media workers were killed in 18 nations.

In December 2023, CPJ reported that more journalists were killed in the first three months of the Israel-Gaza war than have ever been killed in a single country over an entire year.

“Journalists in Gaza are bearing witness on the frontlines,” said CPJ Chief Executive Officer Jodie Ginsberg. “The immense loss suffered by Palestinian journalists in this war will have long-term impacts for journalism not just in the Palestinian territories but for the region and beyond. Every journalist killed is a further blow to our understanding of the world.»



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