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Journalism and the NSA revelations

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Tables and Figures vii
Contributors viii
Acknowledgements xi
1.  The NSA Revelations as a Prism 1
Risto Kunelius, Heikki Heikkilä, Adrienne Russell,
and Elisabeth Eide
2.  Two Dimensions of Global Discourse: Domestication
and Justification 23
Risto Kunelius, Heikki Heikkilä, and Adrienne Russell
with Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Katy Jones, Anne Mollen,
Johanna Möller, Frédéric Nicolas, Olivier Baisnée,
Haiyan Wang, Dennis Leung, Ruolin Fang, and Dmitry Yagodin
3. Justifying Surveillance: The New Discursive Settlement
in UK Opinionated Journalism 51
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen and Katy Jones
4.  News Flashpoints: The Snowden Revelations in the
United States 69
Adrienne Russell and Silvio Waisbord
5.  Security, Terror, and Freedom: The Dynamics of
Public Opinion in the French Surveillance Debate 91
Olivier Baisnée and Frédéric Nicolas
Journalism and the NSA Revelations.indd 5 06/03/17 10:10 pm
6. ‘Please Stay Frustrated!’: The Politicisation of
Digital Technologies in the German NSA Debate 113
Johanna Möller and Anne Mollen
7.  Media Diplomacy and the NSA: Making the Case at Home
and Abroad for Chinese National Interests 129
Haiyan Wang and Ruolin Fang
8. Governance and Digital Sovereignty: The Instrumental Role
of Journalistic Consensus in Russia 147
Dmitry Yagodin
References 165
Index 174

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