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Journalism in the time of coronavirus

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‘Like visiting hell’: How an Italian journalist is reporting on COVID-19 from the frontlines.

Jan Keulen@jan_keulen
  • CPJ Emergencies releases a safety advisory on digital security for reporters working remotely
  • India’s Uttar Pradesh opens criminal probe into an editor at The Wire for alleged ‘discord’ during COVID-19 lockdown
  • Colombian protection unit suspends risk assessments ‘indefinitely’ due to coronavirus
  • Brazil restricts access to government information amid COVID-19 emergency
  • Ethiopian journalist Yayesew Shimelis detained following COVID-19 reporting
  • Belarusian journalist Siarhei Satsuk detained on bribery charges after publishing COVID-19 report
  • CPJ joins calls for Kyrgyz president to release journalist Azimjon Askarov amid pandemic
  • Iraqi security forces seize journalist’s belongings for allegedly violating COVID-19 curfew
  • Iran bans printing of all newspapers, citing spread of coronavirus
  • Nigeria imposes harsh restrictions for journalist movement and access, citing coronavirus
  • Reporter denied access to Florida governor’s briefing on COVID-19
  • Indian Supreme Court denies government request for prior censorship of coronavirus news
  • Russian media regulator orders two outlets to take down COVID-19 reports
  • CPJ and Internet Society release a joint fact sheet on the importance of encryption to press freedom and the free flow of information
  • CPJ and partner organizations call on Council of Europe to protect press freedom amid pandemic



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