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Journalist tools (Jan 24, 2015)

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New Finds: Yuri Victor and Robert Hernandez assembled a great list of tools and trends in this Medium post. One of my ASU Cronkite students, Court Jeffrey, introduced me to VennGage, a great infographic and data viz tool.

Infographic: Edelman built an infographic detailing Storytelling in the Age of News Consumption. It focuses on PR but has insights into social media interactions. Worth a read.

Data Visualization: Simon Rogers authored a blog post entitled Can Data Journalism Be Taught?. It includes some links to some great data viz resources and syllabi.

Web Audio: The Knight Lab has a great piece on trends with web audio. Worth a read.

Infographics/Data Visualization: Our friends at Journalism2ls have a great Pinterest board of infographic and data visualization tools.

Social Media: Here’s a cool tool: Metamind lets you search data from Twitter feeds or Twitter hashtags and classify it automatically using one of its state-of-the-art classifiers. Find out what sentiments your favorite users, politicians or artists express in their tweets.

Public Employee Pay Database: The Center for Investigative Reporting built a database that let’s you search public employee salaries. Search by city, county and state. Very handy.

Military: Resources on all branches of the military, including Veterans Day resources, are on the Military/Bioterrorism page.

Ebola: Journalist’s Resource has assembled resources for covering Ebola preparedness. Find more Ebola coverage resources on the Medical/Health page.

Beat Coverage: posted an interesting list: Nine Online Tools to Help Journalists Monitor Their Beats.




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