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Killing Fields journalist dies at 82

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Killing Fields journalist dies at 82 – BBC News

Sydney Schanberg, New York Times reporter who inspired Killing Fields film about Cambodia genocide dies, paper says (

New York Times correspondent Sydney Schanberg with Dith Pran, right, interviewing a government soldier about the American bombing of Cambodia in August 1973.

Sydney H. Schanberg Is Dead at 82; Former Times Correspondent Chronicled Terror of 1970s Cambodia

Mr. Schanberg won a Pulitzer Prize for covering the fall of the Lon Nol regime to the Khmer Rouge in 1975 and inspired the film “The Killing Fields,” an intense recounting of his Cambodian colleagu…

Nina L. Diamond @ninatypewriter RIP Sydney H. Schanberg. The full movie THE KILLING FIELDS is embedded in his@nytimes obit. WATCH: 

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