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La invasión que está cambiando el mundo (Pablo Pardo, EM, and EIU)

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marks a defining moment in the reshaping of the geopolitical order. The battle for Ukraine is not just another regional war: it represents a rupture in Russia-West relations that will have profound repercussions for Europe and the world.

Our latest analysis, “Ten ways the war in Ukraine will change the world” outlines how the conflict will influence the global balance of power and lead to a further unravelling of the post-Cold War order.

Key topics covered in this report:

  • Will the war lead to a new division of Europe?
  • Russia’s deepening strategic alliance with China
  • An acceleration of the global arms race
  • The increasing challenge to global democracy
  • Why the war in Ukraine will embolden others and inflame existing conflicts

Read the full analysis here.


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