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Le Baromètre 2013 des Sociétés Civiles

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El Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS) junto con CCFD-Terre Solidaire, han publicado la primera edición del Barómetro de las sociedades civiles. El objetivo es tomar el pulso de las dinámicas sociales en el mundo, y comprender el papel que han jugado las sociedades civiles en la transformación social y en las relaciones internacionales.
13/II/2014. IRIS

Humanitarian bodies : organisations or institutions ?
By Jacques Serba, Associate Research Fellow, IRIS (january 2014)
What impact do institutional donor requirements have on NGOS ?
By Elvira Rodriguez Escudeiro, Head of Institutional Donors Relations, Action contre la Faim ACF) (january 2014)
Flaws in humanitarian protection: the case of displaced people
By Mérick Freedy Alagbe / Assistant Country Director – RDC, Oxfam (december 2013)
The discourse of western humanitarianism
By Juliano E.M.Fiori, Humanitarian Affairs Adviser, Save the Children UK (october 2013)

IRIS was founded in 1991 as the result of a private initiative. Despite the French field of international relations being rather narrow, IRIS has gradually succeeded in becoming a reference among the French think tanks specialised in strategic and international issues. 

IRIS was founded with a view to meeting three main goals:
> Contributing to the research and the debates around strategic and international issues by offering a different and original analysis of national and international issues;
> Creating a really independent centre of expertise;
> Creating a space for dialogue and reflection in which all the members of the strategic community, that is specialists from different professional and philosophical backgrounds (i.e., policy makers, senior officials, industrialists, military leaders, experts and academics) could share their views.



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