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Lithuania’s intelligence report 2023

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Latest Lithuanian intelligence threat assessment report reviews security situation in Lithuania  

The Defence Intelligence and Security Service under the Ministry of National Defence and the State Security Department of the Republic of Lithuania for the 8th time presents the assessment of national security threats to Lithuania and trends in Lithuania’s security situation.

“The most significant factor to Lithuania’s national security is currently the Russian-Belarusian war in Ukraine. We can not afford to pacify ourselves that Russia is weak and losing and the danger has diminished. The Russian defeat has not yet happened, it is still not out of resources nor willingness to proceed. The weakened Russian land force component near Lithuanian is for the short-term.  What Russia aims for is military domination in the region near the eastern borders of NATO regained, even though its realistic probability to achieve this would need at least 5-10 more years. Political ambitions predicated on military force present an existential and long-term threat to the countries in the region,” says Director of the Defence Intelligence and Security Service under the MoD Col Elegijus Paulavičius.


Full report PdF (86 pages)


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