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Living in a divided world (15 años que cambiaron el mundo, Robert Niblett)

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Living with a divided world

Robin Niblett reflexiona sobre cómo ha cambiado el mundo en los últimos 15 años y qué significa para el futuro, en su último evento como director de Chatham House.

As Sir Robin Niblett steps down from his role as director of Chatham House, he reflects on how the world has changed in the past 15 years and what it means for the future. He reflects on the big shifts in international affairs since he took the post in 2007, including those that have taken us from a cautiously optimistic post-Cold War period to the contentious world we inhabit today. He will also assess Europe’s and the UK’s future role, alongside its old and new allies.
Questions considered include: Does this more divided world presage major conflict between the great powers? Does global division herald the end of economic globalization and of the international cooperation needed to manage shared global challenges? How will Europeans and the US manage their relations with increasingly self-confident countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa? How should multilateral institutions adapt?

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