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Managing Shocks & Strengthening Global Food Systems (FP, Dec 14, 2022)

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Managing Shocks & Strengthening Global Food Systems

Over the last year, shockwaves have reverberated throughout global food systems, as the Russian invasion in Ukraine and blockade of vital ports cut off grain, vegetable oil, and fertilizer exports to markets around the world. This man-made catastrophe exacerbated COVID-related supply chain disruptions and inflation pressures, jeopardizing food security and placing acute pressure on fragile, import-dependent countries across the Sahel, East Africa, Middle East North Africa, and elsewhere around the world.

Disruptions in food trade could add an estimated 13.1 million additional people to the world’s 822 million who are already undernourished or starving, according to the Global Hunger Index. Meanwhile, rapid and slow-onset impacts from climate change are affecting yields and destabilizing traditional production systems – requiring adaptive strategies to manage the shocks and develop more resilient agricultural and food systems.

Against this backdrop and in the light of the global challenge, this December, FP will bring together global leaders across government, industry, finance, and civil society to discuss how to effectively mobilize global resources to stem the current crisis, and how to strengthen global food systems to better withstand shocks and help ensure reliability and sustainability going forward.

This solutions-focused summit will convene policymakers, practitioners, investors, farmers, and scientists to shed light on the partnerships and innovations that can increase access and help define the future of food.

Event Details

December 14, 2022 | Washington, D.C. & Virtual
9:00 a.m. – Virtual Programming
5:30 p.m. – In Person Program & Reception

Fall 2022 Foreign Policy magazine cover. Illustration by Vasava for Foreign Policy

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