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Matthew VanDyke’s first day in Aleppo

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I saw the horrors of war at Daral-Shifa Hospital in Syria

A year ago today, I began filming the documentary about Syria, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution.

On my first day of filming I saw a baby without a head brought to Dar al-Shifa Hospital in Aleppo, Syria. I wrote a detailed account of what happened at the hospital that day and posted it on my Facebook page that evening.

I had seen the horrible realities of war while filming in Iraq and while fighting in Libya that no person should ever see… MORE

The award-winning documentary film about Syria, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution, directed by Matthew VanDyke. Keep reading to learn how YOU can help Syria NOW:

This film has been seen by MILLIONS of people on television and over 100,000 people on the internet (the film is also viewed at The Guardian and Journeyman Pictures). It has won more than a dozen awards and is an official selection in more than 75 film festivals around the world –

Director Matthew VanDyke has released the film online for free and without any ads on it weeks ahead of schedule because NOW is the critical time for YOU to take action in support of Syria.

This is YOUR film.

NOW is the time to mobilize and tell your country’s leaders that you want intervention in Syria to stop the bloodshed and bring freedom to 20 million people.

If you support freedom in Syria then do your part each day this week:

1. This page will soon be attacked by supporters of the Assad regime who will post negative and defamatory comments so that when people around the world read those comments they will believe there is little support for the Syrian revolution. If you support the cause of freedom in Syria please leave YOUR comments below the video and be heard. People around the world will be reading them!

2. Each day, mobilize on social media to make this film go viral. Tweet, post, share it everywhere you can think of. Use Reddit, LinkedIn, blogs, email lists, everything possible to use this film to help move public opinion in favor of supporting the Syrian revolution. This is a critical time for the revolution – world leaders are listening to the public. We must change public opinion and this film is a powerful way to do that.

3. Each day, tweet and email the link for this film to members of Congress, the White House, and leaders of countries around the world. They should see this film and hear the words of Nour and Mowya before making their decisions on Syria. A DVD of «Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution» has been sent to each of the 535 members of the United States Congress, but they are far more likely to watch the film if you tweet the link to them and encourage them to watch the film online, or to watch «the disc on their desk».


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