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Media reports (L. Post)

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Rohingya Crisis: Hate Speech, Lies & Media Misinformation. Plus, the media black hole in Sinai, Egypt.

Brazil special: Media, Monopolies & Political Manipulations.

‘s media legacy in on

Can an Argentinian newspaper survive its first year run by a cooperative of journalists? via

Duterte’s war on drugs and those reporting it. Plus, reporting on labour & the American working class.

Where did all the labor reporters go? report with

The ‘Great Firewall’: China & Russia VPN clamp down. Plus, police vs press in Uganda.

Kenya elections: media manipulations. Plus, Canada’s media split over the case of Omar Khadr.

More than 100 days of protests in Venezuela. The political gap has widened, so has media polarisation. Watch it here

Gulf crisis: Al Jazeera in the crosshairs. Plus, a politically engineered war of buzzwords in SA’s media.

Grenfell fire: class, race and the British media. Plus the persecution & resistance of Vietnam’s bloggers

Nigeria needs to start talking about the horrors of the Biafra war, fifty years on



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