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Media’s preparations for Nov 3

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Buzbee: Election calls are not magic, they’re math – CNN Video
Associated Press executive editor Sally Buzbee discusses how her news organization assess races and «declares» winners. «This is not magic,» she says. «This is actually math and facts and science…
AP CorpComm@AP_CorpComm
Executive Editor@SallyBuzbee outline @AP’s preparations for US election on @ReliableSources
A Michigan standoff: Gun rights vs voting rights | The GroundTruth Project
DETROIT  — The political battleground of Michigan has drawn President Trump and Joe Biden to the frontlines here as local skirmishes in the courts over gun rights at polling places and rising…
jean-paul marthoz@jpmarthoz
Reporting on #USElections2020 Would you dare to cover an election in a country where citizens are allowed to carry weapons to the polling station and reporters are called enemies of the people?
Reuters expands 2020 U.S. election coverage to deliver authoritative offering to customers and…
Ahead of the 2020 U.S. election in November, Reuters has expanded its coverage to deliver a comprehensive and tailored customer offering and provide exceptional insights for audiences around the…
Reporting on #USElections2020. For the first time, Reuters will be providing live election results, exit polls and sentiment polling, a robust package of data and interactive graphics leading up to the Nov. 3 presidential vote .
Soirée électorale US. Mission dangereuse? L’agence Reuters distribue des gilets pare-balles, des casques, des masques… @jpmarthoz

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