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Montecarlo TV winners 2022

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In August 2020, Russia’s opposition leader Aleksei Navalny was taken ill during a flight to Moscow. He was suspected of being poisoned with the banned chemical weapon Novichok, applied to his underwear. This clip from BBC Select’s Russian politics documentary tries to unravel the bizarre case. Who may have been involved in the suspected Navalny poisoning and why was he targeted? (Jan 13, 2022)


Il racconto nel documentario di Avesani e Delbó. (Nov 20, 2022)

After the regime, PKK took over several cities in Syria and imposed their power on a lot of families. They tortured and killed the people who didn’t support them. Women of war in Syria speak about the fear and torture caused by the PKK. (Oct 17, 2019)


Syria’s war transformed women’s roles through empowerment (AJE, March 8, 2021)

Résumé : Partout sur la planète, des femmes et des hommes, optimistes et inspirants, empruntent les routes d’un monde à venir. Par leurs actions, ils inventent, bousculent les lignes, innovent, éveillent nos consciences et éclairent de nouvelles trajectoires pour transformer nos sociétés, protéger l’environnement, nous soigner. (June 22, 2022)




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