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Nicaraguan journalist Carlos F. Chamorro on doing journalism from exile

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Nicaraguan award-winning editor Carlos F. Chamorro delivered the annual Reuters Memorial Lecture on 6 March 2023. Here’s the transcript and the video of his talk. | Lee su conferencia en español



jean-paul Marthoz@jpmarthoz
Live on the Reuters Institute: Carlos Chamorro, tje combative Nicaraguan democratic journalist, explains how Daniel Ortega’s regime declared war on freedom. And how independent journalists resist. A moral tale of resistance thru quality journalism @risj_oxford @cefeche
Reuters Institute@risj_oxford
Kicking off our #RISJMemLecture featuring Nicaraguan journalist @cefeche. He’s speaking on how to report under a dictatorship in Nicaragua and beyond followed by a panel w/@arusbridger @LuzMelyReyes @johnallannamu  Watch  Highlights in thread
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How to report under a dictatorship: lessons from Nicaragua and beyond

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