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Obama’s foreign policy (May 2014)

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FPI Overnight Brief

May 29, 2014

The Must-Reads

  • Obama warns US faces diffuse terrorism threats
  • WaPo, WSJ (sub), Bolton (WSJ sub), Abrams, F. Kagan, Schake, O’Hanlon on West Point speech
  • Rogin: Obama’s $5 billion counter-terror fund in trouble
  • Lake: As Obama draws down, al Qaeda grows in Afghanistan
  • Iranian hackers targeting US officials through social networks
  • Major faction splits from Pakistani Taliban after infighting
  • Thornberry: Russia making case for more defense spending, Video of event w/FPI’s Zarate
  • Winnefeld: More US missile defense systems in Pacific possible
  • WaPo: Egypt’s Sisi suffers embarrassment at the polls
  • FPI’s Kirchick: Snowden, Greenwald, and the NYT’s “High Standards”


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