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Obama’s presidency

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THE ECONOMIST (Friday | December 23rd 2016)

A reflection on Barack Obama’s presidency

Barack Obama’s presidency lurched between idealism and acrimony but some of his accomplishments will endure

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Obama’s legacy as a pioneer of hope has been clouded by racial backlash and deep divisions.  

THE NEW YORKER It Happened Here -By David Remnick.   President Obama considers his legacy and America’s future.

THE OBAMA YEARS: series of elected reports published from 2007

Reflections on the First African-American President of the United States.

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A conversation with #‘ Steve Kroft about his 17 interviews with President Obama


Obama adviser Ben Rhodes: China is more of a threat than Russia

David Petraeus: Trump must prioritise ISIL over Assad

Farewell to the Chief: Our Columnists Assess Obama’s Presidency

Obama is the first president in decades to leave office with a smaller federal prison population

Obama’s Legacy And A Confused Future – OpEd

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