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Old and new peace operations

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Richard Gowan@RichardGowan1
In @WPReview, I look at a trend in studies of @UNPeacekeeping: A new appreciation of the virtues of older, smaller UN PKOs like UNFICYP and UNDOF. [1/5]
For U.N. Peacekeeping, Smaller Is Looking Better—Again
Large, complex U.N. peacekeeping operations seem to be in slow decline. In parallel, there is fresh interest in smaller, Cold War-era observer missions still in operation. While the newfound interest…
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I also found this @IntPeacekeeping article by Walter Dorn and Zachary Myers very useful. [3/5]
As I note @WPReview, it is *possible* (but still only a remote possibility) that some sort of limited observer PKO may one day be need in #Ukraine. I wrote more about this for a @Cambridge_Uni project. [4/5]

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