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On Power: 4 revelations in Robert Caro’s new audiobook

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  • Randy Dotinga (CSMonitor)

Historian Robert Caro, who is perhaps the greatest living American biographer, is quite a prolific author. He’s also quite a specific one.

Since he began writing books in 1974, Caro has tackled just two subjects – President Lyndon Johnson and New York City’s master planner Robert Moses. And he’s used just one researcher, his wife Ina.

His fans are eagerly awaiting the fifth and final volume in Caro’s LBJ series. But for now, Caro is sharing his wisdom in a new audiobook titled On Power and read by the author.

It hasn’t gotten much attention, perhaps since it’s brief and only available via audio, but it’s still a lively listen. Here are four revelations from Caro…



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