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OSCE publications (2015 4th quarter)

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OSCE Quarterly Selections

On the cross lines of time: The rings in a tree trunk are similar to the Quarterly Selections, in so much they contain information reflecting past and current times. (Photo: TextureQualityPro)
Dear subscriber,

You have expressed interest to receive regular updates on OSCE documents. We are pleased to announce that a new list of the OSCE Quarterly Selections is now available. The list covers the months of October to December 2015.

Download the OSCE Quarterly Selection 4/2015 (October-December 2015)

As in the previous lists, briefly described items are divided into specific sections:
I) e-publications,
II) consensus (journals and decisions) and
III) statements and interventions
IV) non-consensus documents (reports), summaries, agendas, as well as
V) election observation reports issued by ODIHR and to end with,
VI) a section for articles, studies and releases on issues dealt with by the OSCE.

If you’re not interested in receiving these notifications, please go to and update your subscription preferences.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe!

The OSCE/Documentation Centre in Prague team

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