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Paris Peace Forum (11-13 Nov 2018)

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Restoring Faith in the UN Security Council

Highlights from Day 1 of the Paris Peace Forum

Back to the Future: Debt, a Returning Challenge

Inequalities: Globalization Shooting Itself in the Foot?

Fighting Climate Change, the Urban Way

Dialogue of International Organizations on Global…

Dialogue of Continents on Global Governance

Opening Plenary

Bits, Bytes and Governance Challenges: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence challenges existing norms and practices in unforeseen ways, including in the field of power relations. Let’s discuss how AI affects societal and political arrangements as well as the institutional and normative solutions needed to address these changes in this session.

Gepostet von Paris Peace Forum am Montag, 12. November 2018

Artificial intelligence 

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